How to Lose Face Fat

First of all there is no exercise do spot fat reduction (i.e. from Stomach or face). In order to reduce fat from your face you will have to cut-down your whole body fat percentage.

Now next question that comes up:


Answer: I followed below things to cut fat from 27% to 12%

Start workout minimum 45 mins of wight training followed by 15 mins cardio (HIIT)

Diet is key for fat reduction.

1: Big NO to white (Rice, Sugar, Salt)

2: Avoid excessive amount of carbs

3: Add fiber to your Diet (Green Veggies -Raw)

4: Stay Hydrated (add 3–5 Gallon of water in your daily routine)

5: Eat 70% of food in first half of day and 30% of second half

6: Don’t eat heavy before 3–4 hr of your bed.

7: Watch your calories intake, Try to limit it to 2000 calories per day

8: NO JUNK Food,

9: Don’t larger meals, eat small meals 4–5 times a day


11: And yes do intense weights exercise 3 days a week and Cardio 3 days

Losing face fat is almost as difficult as belly fat. Belly fat is the last thing you burn after all your exercise. Since Belly participates in the least exercise/physical activity. Same is the case with Face. You can’t change that. But your face is something which is easy to concentrate upon. You also need to burn calories for your whole body, which will help you lose fat on face, since spot reduction is not possible according to any bible for weight loss. Anyways, below are some easy steps.

  • Mouthwash exercises – Gargle and clean your mouth thoroughly after every meal you have. Take 2 mins extra and rinse your mouth properly. This is a very good exercise for your cheek muscles along with your dental health
  • Blowing balloons – Blowing baloons helps a lot. If you don’t have any party lined up just pretend you are blowing a baloon and complete the breathing routine
  • Fish face – Suck your cheeks inside and make a fish face. Try pretending to be a fish.
  • Laughter therapy – The harder you laugh the more the muscles will workout. Laugh as much as you can. Its not only good for your blood circulation, but also your mental and emotional health
  • Hot towel – Soak a towel in hot water and massage your face with it. IT helps loosening the face muscles..
  • Chewing gum – Chew gum for 20 mins everyday. It will help you with loosing extra fat in your chin and lower cheeks
  • The Hindi Swarmala – Hope you know the ‘swars’ in Hindi language. Its ‘aaaaa’ ‘eeeee’ ‘uuuu’ ‘oooo’ ‘aeeee’ ooouuuuu’. Use these and spread your mouth as much as you can while chanting these. This will help a lot.
  • Facial massages – These massages help you relax your muscles and is good way to shed out the extra skin.


Incorporate following habits in your daily routine, which will not only help you achieve your goal a lil faster, but also are in general very good habits for anyone and everyone. You need to follow this religiously for the next 10 days.

  • Stretch just after you wake up. This will help loosen up your muscles and every physical activity you do will start benefiting you.
  • Drink warm water thrice a day (warm, same as your tea, add lemon, ginger and honey for extra benefit), drink plenty of water otherwise as well
  • Climbing 4 floor stairs everyday (if the building is less than 4, try doing it twice, if the building is more try climbing till 4 and then get a lift)
  • Breakfast like a king, lunch like a junkie and dinner like a beggar. This simply means that take a heavy breakfast and a very little dinner, or just salad if you could. Eat less spicy food. Avoid any junk or fried foods, canned drinks, alcohol and sweets.
  • Take dinner 2 hours before you sleep. Or try eating just salad.
  • Take a spoonful of lemon extract just after your meal, helps digesting the fats early
  • You can’t sit for 15 mins after you had your meal. a walk would be much better.
  • Drink one glass of water one hour before you meal.
  • Eat fruit salad everyday. Avoid high calorie fruits like banana, mango, musk melon.
  • If you can, get aloevera juice. It will clean your blood and cut your fat.
  • Cut down on all whites like Pasta, White Bread, White Rice, Noodles, Potato. Avoid fried and processed foods.

You can also incorporate the following and do them in turn. Don’t stick to the same exercises everyday.

1. Burpees : Do 3 sets of 10 reps. Do them carefully, don’t hurt yourself. Stretch before you do.

2. Jumping jacks : Very simple exercise, do 3 sets of 30 each. Or start it by 20 in the first set and increase by 5 in the next.

3. Squats : There can be a lot of variation depending upon the muscles you wanna work upon. There are Squat jacks, simple squats, Hindu squats etc.

4. Mountain climber – Try doing that with variations. It is good for your upper body as well as abdomen and lower body.

Now coming down to your nutritional guidance. I would suggest you to hire a one week consultation from an online platform. Fitso, lybrate and healthyfyme are good and cheap platforms where you get good services in this order of quality. They will suggest you what to eat without losing any charm from your face and body. There are negative calorie foods as well. You can also try finding them. There are some things rich in fibre like pineapple, raspberries, oats, blackberries, peas etc. You can incorporate them. Fitso also has some weight loss exercises which you can follow, but the above would do great as well. The above are all Indian apps hence a good platform in regards to your nutritional guidance.

I hope this would do..!!

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