Top 5 Forgotten Bicep Curls You Should Be Doing

Developing an impressive pair of guns is not as easy as one might think and performing the same exercises over and over will not make it any easier. Regardless of what gym you go to I can guarantee you will see at least one guy performing barbell or dumbbell curls and nothing else.

Believing that the only way to go about adding size to his puny arms is threw traditional curls but while they definitely do not hurt, they also might not be the most effective options.

It is very important to introduce your body to new exercises as it quickly adapts to going threw the same routine, incorporating these new exercises will shock your body and lead to those gains you have been chasing.

The folks over at Buff Dudes continuously put out helpful videos and their latest video is directed to those looking to build up their guns. Presenting us with 5 non-traditional exercises that you might of not ever tried before.

So before immediately throwing them into your routine be sure to check out the proper form to prevent injury and be efficient with the movement. Tired of having a pair of 9mm pistols as arms?

Well take a look at the video below and you will have two fully loaded AK-47’s before you know it!

Top 5 Forgotten Biceps Exercises:

  1. Drag Curls
  2. Zottman Curls
  3. Supine Curls
  4. Plate Pinch Curls
  5. Spider Curls

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